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Round 7 Edit
Charlie will be very angry and short-tempered after having most of her team captured. Don't expect pity or mercy from her at the moment. Other than bad temper, she'll have withdrawn into herself leaving only a cold, calculating and angry self.

She also has a laptop which she is practically attached to. Usually she's doing something on it but occasionally she puts it away (tends to keep it in her bag). You can see the laptop and bag here until I actually redo them on the app: [link]

Colour Codes for Body
    - Eyes: #ddc10c
    - Hair Base: #9f2800
    - Hair Highlights: #b74100
    - Skin: #e9c297


Although she has travelled far and caught many different pokemon she prefers to only battle with those found naturally within the Kanto region as she is most familiar with them.

Lyra: She never goes inside of pokeball, not because she can’t or won’t, Charlie respects her too much to recall her.

Species: Ninetales (Shiny)
Sex: Female
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Naughty
Hold Item: Quick Claw
Battle Style: Tactical and mostly special moves. Prefers to limit amount of physical contact with opponent and uses a wide range of moves. Her only egg move is Energy Ball.
Athletic Stat: Speed
Contest Stat: Smart
Location Caught: Gift

Other Info:

Lyra was given to Charlie as a seventh birthday present in the form of an egg which hatched into a vulpix. After a few years of training they stumbled upon a cracked firestone which caused Lyra to evolve with a few side effects. The dominant one is that she still has the sock markings of a vulpix which never completely faded away.

The best word to describe this pokemon is naughty. She can be quiet and innocent when she gets in trouble but only after she caused the trouble. While not nasty outright she does like to play pranks or scare the other pokemon for fun. In saying that she loves to play games much like an immature vulpix (Charlie loves to say that's one of the side effects) but she is sharp and witty, much like a more expressive Charlie. Her battling experience means she is no easy one to beat and is the preferred option.


Note: Larger than normal

Species: Pidgeot
Sex: Male
Ability: Tangled Feet
Nature: Jolly
Hold Item: Razor Claw
Battle Style: Largely physical-based aerial moves but will use any move that shows him off. Egg moves are Brave Bird and Pursuit.
Athletic Stat: Speed
Contest Stat: Beauty
Location Caught: Route 1

Other Info:

Ruuqu was the first pokemon she caught after she left Murcott and entered Kanto. While he is rather jolly he is also a bit arrogant and vain, much like a king. He may be all fun and games but pick on his appearance of undermine is authority or experience and he will get his revenge however long it takes.


Note: Larger than normal

Species: Palla
Sex: Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Calm
Hold Item: Dragon Fang
Battle Style: Defensive and usually drawn-out. Uses her stamina to tire the opponent with a hard, last strike.
Athletic Stat: Stamina
Contest Stat: Cute
Location Caught: Dragon's Den

Other Info:
Palla is the mother figure of the group and although she was caught after Charlie had assembled a team she was granted a place because of her larger than normal size. As a dratini she was mothered a lot by Lyra and once she evolved and grew even more in size she naturally looked after the rest with her calm nature. When the others are in trouble she calmly intervenes and will listen to their woes with compassion.

She is hard to anger and even harder is to make her dislike you. She doesn't like battling and tends to be sorrowful about it but this doesn't affect her determination to succeed and will be ruthless if need be.


Note: I have written Murcott Is. as bulbapedia states that Scythers were seen on the island so an assumption is they can be caught too.

Species: Scyther
Sex: Male
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Adamant
Hold Item: Black Belt
Battle Style: Fast, mixed moves. Extremely offensive. Egg move is X-Scissor
Athletic Stat: Skill
Contest Stat: Smart
Location Caught: Murcott Is.

Other Info:

Dante, rather than be caught, discovered Charlie while she was exploring the Island and followed her secretly the many times she returned with Lyra. On the day the house burnt down the Scyther had finally worked up the courage to confront the child who happily, and innocently, welcomed the bug pokemon. It was will she was talking and playing (which is rather dangerous when the pokemon has two blades for arms) that the Scyther noticed the smoke and followed the girl when she ran towards it. He followed her and in the confusion of the day a police cop asked Charlie if the scyther was hers to which she answered, with no hesitation, yes. It was after she fled and caught the pidgey she realised he needed a name.

Dante is rather adamant to most beings which shows through in his fighting style but to the girl and her team mates he softens and allows himself to be pushed around, to a point by the other pokemon. He adores the Charlie and would lay his life down for her.


Species: Sandslash
Sex: Male
Ability: Sand Veil
Nature: Impish
Hold Item: Life Orb
Battle Style: Rather risky and will use any type of move. Egg move is Night Slash.
Athletic Stat: Power
Contest Stat: Cool
Location Caught: Route 11

Other Info:

Razeal was caught later like Palla but earlier than her. Charlie didn't have the time to consider keeping him because of a full team at the time and later replaced him in to the team during one of her sorting times (every so often she sorts the newly caught pokemon on the PC). His adorable sandshrew charm was the major player and he has managed to keep his spot after evolving due to his nature.

He unintentionally tends to raise the spirits of the team with his antics and only Lyra bests him when it comes to being devious. He tends to be a little rash in battle which he is learning to overcome with help from Dante.


Species: Jolteon
Sex: Male
Ability: Volt Absorb
Nature: Timid
Hold Item: Magnet
Battle Style: Aggressive use of moves. Prefers to paralyze and then attack.
Athletic Stat: Jump
Contest Stat: Tough
Location Caught: Gift

Other Info:

Karlja was added to the team while Charlie was a researcher for Team Rocket. He was previously owned by one of the grunts who had a habit of beating the poor jolteon and unluckily beat him once in the presence of Charlie. Angered by this she forced him to hand over the jolteon who entered the team as the last member.

He is rather timid, no doubt an effect of abuse from his previous owner, and can become aggressive around other pokemon and people from fear. He is trusting, if only just, of Charlie and Lyra but even then he harbours a deep mistrust. He prefers not to be the center of attention which Charlie is trying to turn around.



:bulletred: Her dagger has five circular holes in which all but Lyra's ball slide into. The dagger can then be hidden, with her pokemon, beneath her jacket.

:bulletred: The bag mainly carries the laptop, money, pen, pencils, sketch books and an assortment of berries. She has a habit of finding things in it she had forgotten.

:bulletred: She has a second bag for carrying the larger items, like her clothes, which takes the appearance of a black-grey duffel bag. This special bag is actually two bags clipped together that have a material peace connecting them when unclipped so it transforms into a pack bag for one of her pokemon to carry.

Personality (embellishing)

Outwardly she appears rather secretive, quiet, sophisticated and cold but a mischievous and intelligent glint is never gone from her eyes. Her history and scientist pride has taught her to share her knowledge but not herself leading to the anti-social behaviour she normally exhibits. This behaviour is normally shown as a tendency to spend a lot of time alone (or with pokemon) and speak little when in company (she does like to be silent a lot, even when walking so you never hear her coming). She has been raised well and is normally polite, friendly and generally well-mannered. It’s hard to get on her bad side because she gives very little you can use against her but if you ever do end up on her bad-side, expect to be ignored and belittled (but this won’t extend to your pokemon). Those who don’t give her the respect she deserves may feel this temporarily until she gives up the grudge an hour or a day later.

Around close friends, and in unusually good moods, she’ll become talkative and show the underlying caring side that she possessed freely as a child. To this, she is a loyal and trustworthy, even if it is towards the wrong people, and displays an aristocrat amount of manners and behaviours only flawed by her normally cruel wit and unnoticeably annoying tongue. Be thankful that if you are one of those she prefers not to talk too even though she’ll be as polite as an angel to you because she’ll be analyzing you every movement for flaws. What is unusual is her outwardly affection for pokemon, even if she doesn’t notice their trainers. She has a long history in pokemon handling and knows when to and not to approach a pokemon but you don’t have to touch a pokemon to learn about it.

In battle, she tends to loosen up her colder side. Her words will flow smoother and sharper as she uses all her intelligence to belittle the opponent without loosing face. Her attacks are normally strong but few, preferring to wait out of reach until the right time to strike a hard blow, even if it’s the only one she places. She’s a strategist mostly unless she has all the cards and then she’ll hammer you. Just like outside a battle, she is constantly watching the situation for herself and her studies. When a battle turns away from her favor, she won’t show it with her face but her words will become fewer and harsher. She will accept defeat humbly and politely as any good sportsman should but her wins will make her more arrogant.

History: In Short (re-mastered)

Charlie had a normal beginning with a normal (if slightly richer) family. Her father was a doctor and her mother a nurse. Two years after Charlie's birth a sister soon followed and the daughters will educated in the arts and sciences, expected to take on a profession. They went through private, distance-education with a tutor and quickly became obvious in their academic talents but both the sister's hearts lay on different paths.

Unfortunately for the father, they lived on a farm and had frequent contact with pokemon though they were mostly pet or hobby pokemon. This background in pokemon and Charlie's natural curiosity led to her delving further into the sciences surrounding pokemon, particularly those of biology, in her spare time.

At age eleven, she began her journey, if with a rather bad beginning. Her mother was accepting of her choice of life but her father was angered that she would not become a doctor or an engineer. Leaving her family behind sooner than expected, she set out with her vulpix and scyther for Kanto where she planned on registering with Prof. Oak (rather a hero for her). As most beginnings went, she received a charamander and a pokedex before spending the next four-ish years mastering pokemon and returning to resume an apprenticeship at the lab, much to her fathers' pleasure.

Her apprenticeship saw her move throughout the regions once more, learning from various sources as she travelled. As she travelled she came into contact with Team Rocket more often and, before long, joined Team Rocket as a scientist. While she never showed her face or openly associated with Team Rocket her disappearance was noticeable from society in the four-bit years she worked there. She returned to society with a new partner, a nervous and aggressive jolteon, and continued her apprenticeship until she became a professor at 26.

Her relationship with Team Rocket since leaving has always been guarded. While she won't talk about it with anyone, she does not deny or defend her actions in joining, being to prideful to call herself disillusioned though she will admit the stupidity of the choice. Her loyal-nature means she won't reveal anything about Team Rocket, even if it means protecting them, and how she left so quietly has not yet been revealed.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Charlie and Characters (c) =pandemoniumfire
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